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adam Skelter

Director - Story & concept artist - writer

Adam has worked in Live Action, Animation, Television, Feature Film, Games, Comics, Illustration, and Advertising as a Director, Head of Story, Screenwriter, Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, Concept Artist, Illustrator, Creature Designer, Environment Artist, Props Designer for over 15 Years in the Industry. He has worked for both major and independent studios including Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Warner Brother, Reel FX, Viacom, Disney, Paramount among others. He has also taught story and screenwriting at Calarts and USC.

He is also known for his youtube series called "The ART of STORY"
And his podcast series "STORY KINETICS."

Director - writer - Comedian - Actor

Todd Linsley is a Screenwriter, Award Winning Film Producer, & Speaker. He directed the 40's period comedy & festival award winning film "The Pugilist". His clients have included MTV Productions, Saban Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, TVA, JMS Video Universal, KTLA, Touchstone (us), Comedy Central, & Tandem Motion Pictures. Join him on, the home of Todd Linsley online; a place where he shares his adventures in Stand-Up Comedy, Improv, Musical Theater, Screenwriting, & Storytelling.


Visit my video portfolio at

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todd Linsley

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writer - Actor - Director


J has started his career in independent projects working as both an actor and producer. He also has experience working as a freelance photographer in digital and analog formats. Always interested in film and writing, J continues to write short films and short stories.


Director - Actor - ANIMATOR - artist


Raised in Jotunheimen National Park, Camilla Wolf earned her film degree in Filmmaking from Griffith University, Australia. Her passion for film and TV led her back to Norway where she was cast as Caroline in the hit series “Hotel Caesar”, played Rita Reality in TV2 Sonen as well as appeared in the television series NRK Topp 20 as host. She started her first production company in 2012 where she produced and directed such projects as Hulderdans and Tor.

Camilla has focused her work on female-driven stories and has fostered a unique and authentic voice as an LGBTQ + filmmaker. Her two latest projects “Heartsick” (executive producer and lead) and “Earthbound” (Director, animator and lead) have both received enthusiastic reviews and received multiple nominations and wins, including garnering distribution with Mouth Trap Films/Film Festival Flix. Being first a filmmaker, she is passionate about the craft of storytelling – getting her hands dirty in everything from character animation, VFX, and post production, to acting, directing and producing. She’s a hustler on both sides of the camera.

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